Here, at Lilliput Day Nurseries we LOVE our cooks!

They are an important part of our team and we wouldn’t be without them.

It’s an extra wage, extra holidays to cover and extra paperwork. We could so easily buy the food in and have it delivered ready to serve and indeed we have tried this and can honestly say the food was healthy, nutritious and tasty or we could ask that you all bring in packed lunches and teas. But we missed having a cook as part of the Lilliput Team and know how much it benefits us, the children and helps make life easier for our families.

Having our own cook is so much more than just the meal that is put in front of the children.

Every day when the children come in to nursery, they greet Tracy and Arielle with a bright and cheery hello. They know your children well and they understand their likes and dislikes and their specific dietary requirements.
All the food is prepared and cooked fresh every day in our own kitchens. They start at 9.00am and work until 4.00pm so every snack, lunch and afternoon tea has been prepared and made by them. Their days go by really quickly as they are kept really busy. As soon as they arrive lunch is started whilst also preparing morning snack. After lunch, they are preparing afternoon tea. Alongside all of this they are also checking stock, ordering food, HACCP /food hygiene checks and food safety management procedures. Throughout the day they keep the kitchen clean but before they leave they ensure the kitchen is left clean, tidy and safe ready for tomorrow.
But it doesn’t stop there!
Tracy and Arielle also spend time with the children. They take each meal to the individual rooms and stop to chat to the children about what they have for that meal and about their day so far. The children also really enjoy their cooking sessions with our cooks. All of our children from babies to pre school  get so much enjoyment and development opportunities when cooking and really enjoy eating what they have created. And most importantly, it’s fun.

‘Lots of baking going on!’
There are so many benefits from having our own cooks, both for us, the children and their families.

  • We have a seasonal four week menu so meals are always varied which gives the children the opportunity to try different flavours.
  • If something isn’t going down well with the children we can change the menu.
  • Special occasions can be easily catered for. E.g, if we are celebrating Chinese New Year or Christmas is coming up.
  • We can easily cater for special dietary requirements. Our cooks know the children, when they are in and what they can and can’t have. They also play a very important part in making sure the children are fed healthy, fresh food.
  • There is always enough food for the children to have ‘seconds’ or if they drop something on the floor, there is always enough to replace it.
  • If your child comes in for an extra session at short notice they can easily adjust the amount they are cooking to make sure there is enough for everyone.
  • If we are having parents events/evenings/workshops, cake sales or the children are having a party our cooks make cakes, mince pies and party food.
  • We can change our menus whenever we need to, to meet the needs of the children we care for.
  • We have our own fully fitted kitchens which mean we can cook lots of amazing things.

Partnership with Parents
Our parents will also quite often stop and chat to Tracy and Arielle when they drop off or collect their children. If we have children with specific dietary requirements then it is important that the cooks are involved in the discussions around the child’s diet and they are more than happy to discuss this with parents.
Also when you drop your child at Lilliput Day Nursery in Rubery and Kings Heath before 9.00am, bring a travel mug and grab a coffee, tea, piece of fruit, breakfast snack…. whatever fuel you need to set you up for the rest of your day.
You’ll find it all in our kitchens.

It’s our mission to help make parenting just a little bit easier for you

We have a 5 star food hygiene rating and our menus are written taking into account our children’s needs and by following the guidelines of Startwell.

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