We all look forward to summer for so long. Winter seems to go on forever. The promise of holidays, lighter evenings, BBQ’s, picnic’s, beer gardens, wearing shorts and flip flops (although this years been a strange one to say the least!) and then poof!
No sooner has it arrived, it starts to give us signs that it is ready to leave us.
We have such high expectations for the weather during July and August but let’s face it, we’re usually left disappointed.
But stunning autumn is just around the corner and Mother Nature has started to give us little signs that she’s ready to cool things down a little.

Blackberries, conkers and acorns are abundant on woodland walks. Leaves will be starting to turn brown and fall from the trees and we may see more fungi around.
The days are getting shorter as the evenings are getting darker earlier and we’re starting to get  those jumpers out. If you’re lucky you may even see the starlings doing their sky dances as they try to stay warm and we’ll start to see our breath when we leave the house on those misty mornings.
But, September can be a beautiful month of sunny days and cooler evenings where we can put our cosy clothes on and look forward to the beautiful colours that Autumn gives us.

So for a bit of fun, 30 days have September and here are 30 things about September!

  1. You’ve said “I can’t believe it’s September already” at least 10 times today
  2. You refuse point blanket to turn on the heating
  3. It’s starting school or back to school month (although a very different back to school month this year)
  4. You’re secretly looking forward to getting your winter clothes out again
  5. Summer television is usually not great so we can’t wait for the winter schedules to be announced
  6. I’m a Celebrity will soon be starting
  7. A new series of All Creatures Great and Small starts on the 1st. Some of us are old enough to remember the original
  8. You’re already planning your pumpkin creations and dreading having to carve them
  9. You’re looking forward to crunching through the autumn leaves
  10. It’s harvest festival time
  11. You can’t resist breathing out in the cooler air so you can see your breath
  12. You’re looking forward to cosy nights in on the settee with Netflix
  13. You continue to go out without a jacket or a ‘cardi’ because the sun is shining but soon come to realise it’s freezing
  14. The shops will be full of halloween items, fireworks and decorations for the ‘C’ word
  15. You swap your sun hat for a wooly one
  16. The winter sports season begins and you can’t wait to be stood on the sidelines of that cold, wet pitch with the rain hammering down and the wind blowing a gale while you watch your child play
  17. You’re determined to wear your shorts and flip flops for as long as possible
  18. Waiting for the summer sales to end so the new winter stock is available
  19. It’s homemade, warming soup season
  20. The shops will stop selling school uniform and be full of Halloween and Christmas dressing up clothes
  21. It’s time to put the BBQ away but don’t forget to clean it.
  22. You’ll start hearing Christmas songs in the shops
  23. Earlier darker nights mean earlier bedtime for the kids………right???
  24. You’ll find yourself saying “don’t go out with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold”
  25. The slow cooker will come out for a hearty stew when you get home at the end of the day
  26. You can go for a walk without becoming a sweaty heap
  27. You’ll be able to see the squirrels gathering nuts
  28. Although pub gardens are great, you can’t beat a roaring fire  on a cold evening
  29. Television adverts will be full on children’s toy
  30. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” (You’ll all be singing that now!!!) and you can start your Christmas list

However, we lOVE autumn. It provides us with so many natural opportunities for exploring, encouraging curiosity and imagination and having fun. There are so many natural resources that are around us that don’t cost anything. Different size and coloured leaves, conkers, acorns

and pine cones and the smells of autumn as our environment changes. It’s a time of year that is so enjoyable to be outside. With a few extra layers of clothing, puddle suits, wellies and hats when needed, you will still find our children and staff outdoors.

A favourite saying of ours from the fell walker, guidebook author and illustrator Alfred Wainwright, MBE, is,

“There’s no such thing as bad weather,

only unsuitable clothing”

So summer may be coming to an end but autumn is bringing so many delights to look forward to you.

Do you agree?