This made us laugh 😆
Our daughter down to a t! 😂
Even now in her teens, she loves being outside in jeans and wellies, exploring her environment, collecting twigs, stones, shells, bugs and getting messy. I always have to check her pockets before washing her clothes!😳

Our nursery children enjoy being outside as well, which is why we provide all weather clothing and wellies so they can go out whatever the weather. The children spend a lot of time outdoors and in our mud kitchen areas but don’t always wear the suits, especially if the weather is warm and dry. So it’s important that they come to nursery in clothes that they are able to get mucky in.

There are lots of benefits from outdoor play.
1. Children sleep better at night if they’ve had some fresh air and sunshine during the day.
2. Outdoor play is great for developing children senses. There is so much for them to see and explore. Children learn so much through all of their senses.

3. Developing fine and gross motor skills.
Children use their whole body when playing outdoors and the development of their fine and gross motor skills comes as they enjoy themselves freely and confidently. Having space to run and jump outside and explore the natural environment helps let off steam, develop muscles and grow in confidence and self esteem. Children develop their fine motor skills and gain tactile, sensory experiences as they pick up natural treasures like leaves and fir cones and experience the pleasure of mud. This in turn all helps to keep children active and healthy.
5. Caring for their environment. Playing outdoors is a great way to help children understand and appreciate nature and the environment around them. They will then grow up knowing how to look after the world around them.
6. Positive emotional impact. It’s amazing how fresh air can blow away the cobwebs and make you feel better. A short walk, a run around or sitting quietly outside can do you the world of good.

Being outdoors can help children develop through every part of the EYFS curriculum. It encourages the development of social skills, language and communication, maths, literacy and understanding of the world. It encourages children to be curious, to develop their imagination and delight in the awe and wonder of our natural world.
We could go on forever about the benefits of outdoor play but instead lets get out there and enjoy it.
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