You may becoming to the end of your maternity or paternity leave or you maybe thinking that it’s time for your child to start socialising with others their own age and are looking for a nursery for your little one. (see our blog on choosing a nursery)
Settling into a new environment that is nursery life can be an anxious and daunting time for both you and your child. However there are ways that you can prepare yourself and your child to make things a little easier.
All children are individuals and while some will settle fairly easily, others will take longer to feel comfortable and secure. Children who have a positive start in their new environment are more likely to feel relaxed, comfortable and valued. Separation anxiety is a healthy and protective emotion and recognising that this may happen means that you can prepare your child and yourself for the event and turn it into an exciting adventure. We are prepared for this and place huge importance on settling your child into nursery.
All nurseries have their own settling in procedures and routines but they all want to ensure that you are made to feel welcome and that you will both settle quickly but you can help prepare your child before they start nursery. You may wish to;
Read stories to your child about starting nursery
Take them to visit the nursery when you have a look around
When walking or driving past, show them the nursery and talk positively about it
Chat to them about any concerns they may have e.g about using the toilet
Leave your child with trusted friends and family members if you don’t already to help them get used to being away from you
Once your child starts with us;
They will be assigned a key person who will be responsible for providing you and your child with a positive, secure relationship. They will welcome you and your child and and make sure your child’s individual care needs are met.
You will be encouraged to stay with your child to begin with before leaving them for short periods of time over a period of one to two weeks. You are also encouraged to telephone at anytime to see how you child is getting along.
Give yourself plenty of time before drop off time so you don’t have to rush and so that you can stay calm.
As long as you can be contacted, make plans to keep busy while your child is settling at nursery.
Remind yourself that your child will be having fun doing lots of exciting new activities in an environment where they are safe and cared for.
Bring your child’s favourite comforter with them if they have one. At the beginning this will help reassure them when they need it and may be helpful at sleep times.
Inform the nursery of your child’s likes and dislikes and any routine they may have. It will help your child’s key person understand your child and plan for their individual needs.
Stay positive and don’t get upset in front of your child. Please don’t sneak off. Your child needs to say bye bye and know that you will be back. Chat to the staff team and leave with a smile, a kiss and a wave to your child. Once you’ve gone don’t come back into the room. This may confuse and unsettle your child.
You can phone to see how your child is and we will call you if they get too upset. Settling in needs to be a positive experience so we don’t want your child getting really upset.
And remember our team have many years experience with young children and we are as keen for your child to settle as much as you are.
If we can be help in anyway, please get in touch.