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Parents Comments/Views on Tapestry

Thank you for the Tapestry link. The site is fab, really enjoyed looking at what my child gets up to at the Nursery. It's lovely to see the pictures and videos too. What a great resource! Thank you

Tapestry has been fantastic for us and it’s very simple to use and access. Every week I can’t wait for a new observation to inform me of what my child is doing. Genius idea!!!

I have found Tapestry really useful and have thoroughly enjoyed watching videos and seeing pictures of my child at nursery. Its’ great to get an insight of what is going on in his nursery life as it is not always easy to find out this information from the children. It is also very easy to use and to upload your own videos and pictures to enhance what has been taught in the classroom.

I loved the nursery before but it’s just brilliant now after the refurb.