In previous years, as a company we have sent Christmas cards to all of our Team, our families, some suppliers and other professionals we deal with during the year. This year we decided the money would be better spent on supporting a local cause, so on the morning of 20th December 2019 we went food shopping and donated 106.4kgs of food to our local food bank.

We received a lovely reply, certificate and newsletter from the Foodbank on 28th December 2019, (no week off for them or the people that need them), so we thought we’d share them with you all.

Dear Alison and All at Lilliput Nurseries,
Thank you so much for your recent amazing donation of 106.4 kg of food to the B30 Foodbank. As you probably know we are a completely voluntary organisation, supported by the Trussell Trust.  We rely solely on donations from generous individuals or organisations such as yourselves to provide for single people and families within our community who, for whatever reason, find themselves in immediate crisis, and are therefore going hungry. Your gift will be used to help give our families in crisis enough food to make three meals a day per person for three days. As well as distributing food, toiletries and cleaning products, our volunteers will also try to signpost clients towards other organisations who may be able to offer advice or assistance.
2019 has been our busiest year ever and there were many weeks when we were giving out more food than we were taking in. In the week before Christmas alone we gave out 4381 kg of food to feed 546 people (296 of which were children), but fortunately we have also seen a sharp rise in donations this Christmas which should give us a healthy start into the New Year.
Should you wish to learn more or keep up to date with the work of the B30 Foodbank, please read the attached newsletter. You can also visit our website, Twitter or our Facebook page. I am also attaching 2 Certificates of Appreciation (one for rubery and one for Kings Heath) which you may wish to print out and display if you have a suitable noticeboard. Both certificates are for the same amount as I am not sure how much each Nursery collected separately. i hope that is okay.
We would like to reiterate how important your donation will be in helping us to make a significant difference to individuals and  families who would otherwise go  hungry  and on their behalf we  thank you wholeheartedly once again for your support.
Yours sincerely,
Christine Kearns
On behalf of the B30 Foodbank
Facebook: B30  foodbank
Twitter: @foodbankB30

No one should go hungry at anytime of the year so we have decided that we will have a collection point in the nurseries and will be encouraging our children and their families to donate whatever food they can, whenever they can. The Foodbank need any perishable in date food, toiletries and cleaning products.
We’ve also bought a book to share with the children about a family needing to use a Foodbank and the Team will be talking to the children about this. ‘It’s a No – Money Day by award winning author Kate Milner.

Look out for the baskets in the nursery.
Thank you and we really hope you can support us in supporting local families who at times need a little bit of support from others.