There’s a hive of activity going on in our nursery at the moment and we’re all very excited.
We are trying to create a more open plan, free flow environment for the children that is calm yet stimulating. We are moving away from bright colours and plastic and looking to introduce a more natural environment that will encourage the children to express themselves and develop their imagination and curiosity.
All the ideas and changes have been done in consultation with the staff and directors and we are all very excited about its implementation.
Painting and decorating has been completed and over the coming weeks we will be reconfiguring some of the rooms and having new flooring laid as well as some changes to the garden.
The first room to have a major overhaul is Sunshine room (The Den). This will become our new calm and cosy baby room. Once this room has been completed, the existing baby room, little learners and the reception area are going to become more open plan, (while still being able to close off areas), so we are more free flow for the children. This will also make it much easier for our 2 – 5 year olds to have better access to our garden area.
Pre school will be moving downstairs and our den which the children love to use will move upstairs.

Last week saw the first new flooring being laid and Vicky has been working really hard to transform our old Sunshine room into our new Baby room 😀 We are sure our babies are going to have lots of fun getting used to their new surroundings 😀

We can’t wait for the rest of the nursery to be finished.