Every Child matters

Health, Safety & Enjoyment

What do we do to achieve this at our Day Nurseries in Birmingham?

Be Healthy

  • A balance diet has been devised following the guidelines of Startwell
  • Excellent hygiene practices. Staff are food hygiene trained and encourage children to learn about germs and healthy eating
  • 5-star food hygiene rating at our Rubery Day Nursery. (Kings Heath Day Nursery is still awaiting an inspection but practises at both nurseries are the same.)
  • Plenty of opportunities for exercise both indoors and outdoors

Stay Safe

  • Robust safeguarding/child protection policy and procedure
  • All staff are trained and regularly updated in safeguarding/child protection procedures using both external training agencies, the local authority and in house training
  • Risk assessments are regularly updated
  • Health and safety co-coordinator and policy in place
  • Data entry system and CCTV on entrances

Enjoy and Achieve

  • Age and developmentally appropriate activities provided
  • Children are encouraged to make their own choice when planning activities
  • We listen to children’s and parent’s feedback
  • As soon as each child starts they are given a named peg, a key worker and a learning journey is started

Make a positive contribution

  • A behaviour management policy is in place and all staff receive regular training. Each nursery has a behaviour management coordinator
  • We are an inclusive nursery and work closely with all children and their families. We have an SEN policy and co-ordinator who regularly updates training and skills
  • We actively encourage parent partnership by finding time to chat with the parents and we regularly hold parents’ social evenings, parent workshops and development progress events
  • We work closely with other professionals to ensure all the children’s and their family’s needs are met wherever possible

Achieve economic well being

  • We take EEE funding for 2, 3 & 4-year-olds
  • We take a variety of employer vouchers
  • We offer both full and part-time places to fit in with most families needs
  • We are registered with HMRC to accept Tax Free Childcare

Frequently asked questions

What do the Nursery fees include?

We provide all meals and drinks, nappies, wipes and a zinc and castor oil cream for fee-paying children. (Funded only children have the option to purchase these or bring their own) If you use a different brand of nappies, wipes or a specific cream you will need to bring your own with no reduction in your fees. We do not provide formula milk.

Do I have to pay if my child does not attend?

Yes. Fees are payable 51 weeks of the year. (We close for one week at Christmas which you are not charged for.) If your child is absent for any reason then full fees are still payable. We close for all bank and public holidays and these are charged for. We do not swap sessions.



What do you do if my child has an accident?

All children, at times, will have an accident. All staff are aware of the accident procedure and are first aid trained. For the majority of accidents, you will be informed of the accident at the end of your child’s day when you collect then and you will be asked to sign the accident form. In the unlikely event of anything serious you will be notified immediately.

Do you give children medicine?

We have a medicine policy and with prior written consent we are able to give most medicines. 

We are also able to administer inhalers to those children with Asthma with prior written consent.

How are fees paid?

There is a £50.00 non-refundable administration fee which must be paid before a nursery place is reserved for your child.

Your first month’s fees are then due before your child starts. Fees are then paid on the 1st of the month in advance by standing order or debit card. Other methods of payment are accepted but these are at the discretion of the director and there may be an additional charge.
We accept many different types of childcare vouchers.

Do you take government funding?

We are registered to take the Early Years Education Entitlement (EEE) for 2, 3 and 4-year-olds. We will claim this for your child and amend your monthly invoice accordingly. Conditions apply. Please speak to a manager if you require further information.


Do the children go outside to play?

Yes. Both nurseries have a garden. Rubery was refurbished in 2015 and Kings Heath 2016. The children spend a lot of time outdoors in all weathers. We have puddle suits and wellies so the children can enjoy splashing around and getting muddy.

How do I book to to view the nursery?

As part of our safeguarding policy and practice, we ask that you contact us to register your interest and make an appointment to visit us. You will be given further details of our viewing procedure when the appointment is made.
Appointments can be made between 9.30am – 11.30am and 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

How many staff will be looking after my children?

Your child will have their own key worker but will also get to know all staff within the nursery.
We follow the guidelines of the EYFS and Ofsted and our ratios are:1:3 for 0 -2 year olds, 1:4 for 2 – 3 year olds and 1:8 for 3 – 5 year olds.

Do you offer a settling in period?

Yes. We offer a gradual settling in process for all children who start with us. We find that most children settle after 3 visits but some may need longer. We will work with you and your child if we feel you would benefit from more.

How often do fees go up?

Fees are reviewed bi-annually. We will look at our operating costs and if they have risen fees will increase. Existing parents will receive written notice of any increase at least one month before they increase.

How do I register my child?

Please visit our contact page here

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