Last March when Boris Johnson announced that the country was going into lockdown and we could stay open for key workers, we had to think quickly but carefully about how we could do this safely for our staff and our children
How could we socially distance? What if the children needed cuddles, needed their noses and bottoms wiped? What if they were upset coming into nursery?
Where we allowed to take the children from their parents?
So many questions.

But we stayed open for key workers children and continued to provide the same level of care and cuddles that we have always done. Yes, we had to adapt and learn a new way of working but it was important that we did our bit to support our key workers to keep working.
We were then allowed to re open our doors to all children and we couldn’t wait to welcome those back who had been at home and many new children. We had missed them all so much. The nurseries were once again buzzing with the sound of children’s play and laughter.😍
There is no such thing as #atarmslength in early years. Our amazing team continued to care for the children with love, big smiles on their faces and open arms. They didn’t have PPE other than the usual for the children’s personal care which they continued to do without question. They have done this every day for the last 12 months. They have all gone above and beyond. They have wiped away tears, food and snot from faces. They have cooked and served food. They have been sneezed on and coughed on. They have given cuddles and held children as they have comforted them or while they sleep.
They have sat children on their laps while reading stories,

they have high fived them and held their hands while playing games. They have cleaned and sanitised
magnificently and thankfully we have not had to deal with many positive cases.
Our teams cannot socially distance. It is important to them that the children feel safe and comfortable in nursery so they continue to care as they have always done.
We have never felt prouder of all of our team and all the other early years educators across the country.
It may have been employee appreciation day and International Women”s Day this month but we have appreciated each and every one of them for the last 12 months and more.
Please join us in thanking them for everything they have done over the last 12 months.

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